Here at eyevis UK, we supply a wide range of innovative visual display solutions to industries throughout the UK and Europe. Our pioneering technology has proven especially useful for the transport industry.

Control rooms in the transport industry are responsible for monitoring transportation networks throughout some of the biggest cities in the UK and Europe. Around the clock monitoring is essential to the safety and wellbeing of the general public. It is no surprise, then, that these monitoring stations can be high pressured, fast paced environments, and so the need to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently becomes essential. This is where a reliable video wall controller and display becomes essential in the smooth running of 24/7 operations.

Our visual display solutions allow you to view data from multiple sources on a single display, without loss in visual quality. Working closely with our partners, we have designed state of the art video wall controllers and displays which enable control rooms to survey large amounts of information in a clear, precise and time-effective manner. This allows for short response times in the event of emergencies or any number of issues that may arise. Furthermore, our systems are designed for 24/7 operation 365 days of the year.

Upgrading your control room technology may have more benefits then you realise. In a time where some sectors may be struggling with funding, investing in eyevis UK’s video wall controllers and visual display solutions is a smart choice.

Throughout the country, many local authorities, councils and network hubs have already chosen eyevis UK as their supplier of video wall controllers and displays. For more information on our range of innovative products, including our state of the art visual display solutions, contact us here at eyevis UK today on +44(0)1282 606525 or via email at