eyevis UK continues to lead the way when it comes to delivering innovative visual display solutions. We are proud to present our latest addition to the video display market, the eyevis EYE-TOLED-5500.

TOLEDs, or transparent organic light-emitting diodes, are made up of different transparent layers, but only when in operational mode is the display visible to the user. The high transmissivity of the panel, along with the self-luminous properties of the organic LED material, allow this innovative display solution to be an excellent choice for installations in the centre of interior designs, between objects and an audience, as well as in front of exhibits or products that require illustrations.

Our state of the art transparent OLED display module, the EYE-TOLED-5500, features an impressive screen diagonal of 55“and provides users with a highly interactive user experience. Perfect for occasions where there is a need to present large quantities of interactive content, for example at a museum or on an exhibition display.

When placed in front of real objects the EYE-TOLED-5500 allows users to view digital content, including information and graphics against a natural backdrop. Additionally, specially created content will allow viewers’ attention to be directed between the background (transparent display content) and display (luminous display content), creating fascinating depth as well as allowing for remarkable effects. This makes the EYE-TOLED-5500 the perfect solution for interactive presentations.

eyevis UK understands that user requirements differ from one to the next, and this is why the EYE-TOLED-5500 can be customised to perfectly meet those requirements. So, whether you require integration into customised applications, or a landscape, portrait or horizontal display, we will always be able to assist.

For more information on our range of innovative visual display solutions, including our video wall controllers and brand new state of the art EYE-TOLED-5500, Transparent OLEDs, contact us here at eyevis UK today on +44(0)1282 606525 or via email at enquiry@eyevis.co.uk.