Today a story appeared in the media outlining how response times for crime victims seeking emergency assistance has increased by up to 50% over the last three years, meaning people are kept waiting for an extra couple of minutes. Bedfordshire, Devon and Cornwall were the places where victims were kept waiting the longest. A couple of minutes may not seem like much, but it can be an eternity in an emergency situation.

With cuts to emergency services a prevalent issue frequently reported in the media, especially with the general election next month, we thought it apt to discuss how here at eyevis, our control room displays and technology has aided the blue light sector.

Our control room displays are used in a variety of different industries and for a range of scenarios, but the one thing they have in common is that they are used to collect, visualise and distribute all sorts of information. In the case of the emergency services sector, this information can literally be lifesaving.

The advantages of having a large installation of control room displays are as follows:

  • Precise survey of all information, and therefore short response times and fast troubleshooting in emergency situations
  • Advanced control possibilities
  • Intelligent display solutions with control features, such as alarm management, pre-sets, etc.
  • Task sharing
  • Multiple possibilities of display
  • Large number of different signals / information / scenarios

Crucially, and especially in the case of the emergency services, the control room displays can be, and have to be, used 24/7 – so reliability is key. That’s why our control room displays have been utilised by numerous police forces, prisons and fire and rescue authorities across the UK.