eyevis UK are host to a wide range of state of the art visual display solutions including our cube video walls and other applications. Here we will be focusing on our innovative slim cubes in a little more detail.

Our latest slim cube, the EC 50 LHD ISE SLIM, may be the world’s slimmest cube video wall, but its impressive range of benefits and features also make it one of the most reliable and efficient video walls around.

Our team of experts have produced one of the most advanced rear projection cube video walls on the market, with an astonishing low depth of just 422mm, the eyevis slim cube proves its worth in professional control room and TV studio environments, where reliable and effective visual display solutions are required but space is at a minimum.

Due to the design of the eyevis slim cube, no space is required behind the unit for ventilation or service access, making them the most space saving cube video wall available. On a rare occasion where maintenance may need to be carried out, our specialist maintenance team will be able to detach the projector unit from the slim cube and service it accordingly, keeping downtime to a minimum.

eyevis slim cubes can also be placed on top of each other without the use of an additional supporting structures, once again proving their space saving nature.

This article has only touched upon a few of the slim cube’s benefits, however, further reading on the eyevis EC 50 LHD ISE SLIM can be found here.

Further details on our range of cube cube video walls can be found over on our website, or alternatively, you can call and speak to one of our dedicated experts on +44(0) 1282 606525, contact us by Fax: +44(0)1282 608557 or email at enquiry@eyevis.co.uk.