Data Centres / Telecommunication and Network Management

eyevis UK has completed numerous Data Centre and Telecommunication/Network Management Centre installations over the years and we are also responsible for maintaining one of the largest rear projection NMC video walls in the UK – with over 36x 67-inch rear projectors installed in a single video wall display.

Data Centres have large amounts of data to monitor and process and therefore the video wall display system in these applications will normally require to accept a wide range of source type input. In these applications the eyevis Netpix video wall controller provides the display of:

  • Network based application data from servers and workstations that are performing monitoring functions e.g. building management systems. This is often achieved using the eyevis Capture software which allows any remote windows machine on the network to be displayed & controlled remotely on the video wall without any physical hard wired input
  • IP CCTV streams from cameras monitoring the security of the facility or monitoring remote sites that the data centre is responsible for
  • Live 24 hour news feeds
  • Multiple web browsers sessions for remote monitoring applications that are launched directly on the video wall controller
  • Other graphic sources connected via DVI/HDMI (non-networked sources)
  • DVD/Blu-ray players for presentation video content during client visits to the centre

Data Centre Solutions from eyevis UK

The eyevis Eyecon Alarm management option is often utilised by data centre type clients to allow the video wall to be driven by external events, such as the eyevis colour alarm feature available with Eyecon Capture software. This allows changes in Capture source graphic images to be monitored for specific colour changes e.g. from green status indicator on a source graphic screen changing to a red condition status. This trigger is then used by the video wall controller to change the layout of the video wall and/or display specific pre-assigned messages.

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