Here at eyevis, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers the very latest visual display solutions. Our range of visual display solutions are used by a variety of business sectors for a wide range of applications. One such example is for the use in control rooms. Control rooms are common in many sectors such as transportation, telecommunications, emergency services and traffic control to name a few. Every one of these sectors use control rooms as a central hub to process large amounts of information, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. eyevis’ visual display solutions offer a high-quality product for the display of data and allows for a precise analysis of all the information in a short amount of time; a must for emergency situations where short response times and fast troubleshooting is necessary.

With eyevis’ visual display solutions, unique control functionality can be achieved with smart features. There is also the possibility of:

  • Task sharing
  • Collaboration between operators and visitors own data on the video wall using mobile devices
  • Unlimited number of display layouts/formats
  • Widest range of data source type inputs e.g. IP video/PC data/network data/contact closure

One sector eyevis’ visual display solutions have been affective is in the rail industry. eyevis have equipped more than a dozen different rail authorities with visual display solutions both here in the UK and across Europe. A range of visual display solutions have been implemented including LCD video walls and controllers, and innovative LED rear projection cube technology.

eyevis are proud to work in partnership with these rail authorities via our system integration partners and are keen to introduce new clients to our range of visual display solutions. Contact eyevis to find out how our visual display solutions can become the driving force in your control rooms.