Government and Military Operations Centres

Government Control Rooms

eyevis UK has provided video wall systems for security and operations centre applications, including government control rooms in a number of high profile and well known government buildings all over the country, from central London, Northern Ireland, to various military bases and also for high security prisons.

The complete range of eyevis Netpix video wall controllers, eyevis LCD displays and eyevis DLP rear projection cubes are in use in these various applications and are working in demanding 24/7/365 environments.

Due to the security issues surrounding these applications specific references and details can’t be stated here.

A range of IP video, analogue video and PC graphic data is being displayed within these control room applications.

The eyevis Netpix video wall controller and Eyecon control software offers unique features which provide substantial benefits for control centre personnel, including ease of control, remote control from touch screens/i-Pad, display of every type of source required in such applications, configuration of user rights & control capabilities and ease of future system expansion.

Video wall solutions help in the day to day running of centres in a number of different sectors and are a valuable piece of equipment.

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