eyevis UK supplies specialist visual display solutions to a number of industries throughout the UK and around the globe, and this includes projection systems for VR Simulators.

Working on a number of projects, eyevis have supplied systems for use in VR simulators and simulation solutions to many different organisations. These VR Simulators are capable of creating a realistic and safe virtual environment, ideal for training exercises.

The cutting edge range of VR simulation solutions from eyevis UK, includes a number of applications which can be installed to optimise performance. A brief summary of each application can be found below – please click on the links for further information.

ESP DLP projector – The latest projector from the ESP-1000 Series, delivers innovative Cluster-LED technology, allowing for higher brightness levels, of up to 1000 Lumens with minimal power consumption. Thanks to LED illumination, the display lasts more than 60,000 hrs (MTBF), which equates to a period of up to six years when used in 24/7 operation.

Open Warp warping processors – For use on larger VR displays where accurate alignment is required, the openWARP2 processor allows for a smooth display of virtually any image, on any surface, with any projector.

Pixel processing processors – The EYE-PXP alignment tool allows for the calibration of single- and multi-channel display systems, where colour and brightness corrections are required due to the deviations of the projection devices. Thanks to the innovative “resolution-pass-through technology”, this device is able to be integrated into any system.

Please visit our website for further information on our range of products suitable for use in VR Simulators and simulation solutions, you can also speak directly to one of our team on +44(0)1282 606525, or via email at enquiry@eyevis.co.uk.