Control Rooms

Netpix 4900 series video wall controller

Download 4900 Data Sheet

Netpix 4800 series video wall controller

Download G3.0 Data Sheet Download LC G3.0 Data Sheet

Netpix 4500 series Graphic Controller

Download 4500 Data Sheet

Netpix IPD IP Video Decoders for Netpix Controller

Download IPD32 Data Sheet Download IPD32 HQ Data Sheet

Eyecon V5 Wall Management Software

Download V5.1 Data Sheet

Eyecon ECS Database Server

Download ECS 810 Data Sheet

Control Room Streaming Solutions

Eyegate-130-HDMI Universal DVI/Encoder for Standard IP Networks

Download 130-HDMI Data Sheet

ES100 E-Streamer Encoder

Download ES100 Data Sheet

Here at eyevis UK, we offer a number of Video Wall Controllers and NETPIX Video Wall solutions.