The New DLP Cube with TRP-Chipset

Product announcement for new EC-50-LHD-WVF-TRP and EC-60-LHD-WVF-TRP

With our range of cubes, this page introduces the latest version of DLP Cube technology.

50/60 inch LED-lit DLP cube rear-projection technology based on Texas Instruments TRP chip architecture. The “tilt and roll pixel” is a newly developed pixel architecture, which used an optimised approach to tilt the individual micro-mirrors on the DMD chip and allows smaller and more efficient designs of the projection engines in the DLP cube.

The new technique allows a more compact design of the projection engine, which makes it possible for a simplified housing-setup. Also, the more effective optical design generates a considerable lower power consumption, which means less cost of purchase and operation compared to conventional DLP cubes.

You can download the datasheet here.


Please also see below for eyevis’ video explaining this new technology at ISE 2017:



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