Police, CTU and Joint Agency Operation Centres

We are experienced when it comes to the installation of video wall screens in police control rooms. We have completed a large number of video wall installations within Police, CTU and Joint Agency Operations Centres for a wide range of UK Police Forces.

In these applications the eyevis Netpix video wall controller is delivering a range of source inputs including IP video and graphic data, to multiple video wall display areas (up to 58 separate displays in one installation all controlled via the eyevis Netpix video wall controller) useable in a police control room environment.

The eyevis Netpix video wall controller and Eyecon control software offers some unique features that provide substantial benefits for operations centre personnel, including ease of control, remote control from touch screens/i-Pad, display of every type of source required in such applications, configuration of user rights & control capabilities and ease of future system expansion.

These video wall screens are an essential piece of equipment for police control rooms up and down the country.

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