42x Rear Projection Cube Rail Control Video Wall

ADIF – Spanish Railway Company

Control Centre at Delicias Railway Station „Gutiérrez Soto“ in Zaragoza, Spain

ADIF (Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias) is a Spanish public cooperation reliable for the operation of the Spanish railway network and stations.

As a preliminary step before the privatisation of the Spanish railways, the management for the rails and stations was outsourced from the national railway company RENFE, and transmitted to an independent institution.

Based on these reformations of the Spanish railway sector, there where several modernisations including new lines and stations realised in the past couple of years.

Part of these investments is a new control room at Delicias Station established in October 2008. Main task of this installation is to control the traffic of the high-speed trains going from France to Madrid and back, which is the main connection of the Spanish railway network with the rest of continental Europe.

Central element of this new control room is a large screen system from eyevis. 42 cubes of the newly developed HD type were combined to a huge video wall in 14×3 configuration. The total resulting screen surface is more than twenty metres wide and about 2.5 metres high.

Each cube provides full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels) on a 67 inch screen. eyevis was the first manufacturer world-wide being able to provide a rear-projection cube offering this high resolution standard.

Of course, the HD cube offers all the outstanding characteristics of the rest of eyevis’ EC Series. Thanks to the “seamless” design of the cubes, they can be combined to video walls of almost every size with almost invisible gaps between the individual cubes.

The superiority of the DLP™ technology in use is a decisive feature for this project, because the cubes do not suffer from burn-in effects from static image contents, even in 24/7 operation. The automatic double-lamp system of the cubes enhances the availability of the video wall even more. The one-stop solution delivered by eyevis also comprises two Netpix graphics controllers and the eyecon wall man-agement software, both proprietary developments by eyevis. The open and flexible design of all of our products allowed a trouble-free integration of the system into the existing hard- and software environment provided by Indra and Dimetronic.

Following eyevis products were installed at Zaragoza Station

42 x EC-67-HD-DL

(DLP™ rear-projection cubes with HD resolution, 67“ screen diagonal and automatic double-lamp system)

2 x Netpix 3844XE-HD-V16-D4-X6E (high-end graphics cont-roller with HD outputs for the display of video and data signals)

1 x eyecon wall management software Premium


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