Al-Jazeera – London

In November 2014 the TV network Al Jazeera opened its new London studio at the 16th floor of The Shard, the highest skyscraper in the Euro-pean Union. Responsible for project management and realisation of this demanding project was Studio Hamburg. They commissioned Stuart A. Veech from Veech Media Architecture Wien with the conception and the development of the studio design. The lighting design came from the Cologne -based Mo2 Design GmbH. The studio has an oval-shaped surface with central news anchor desk. The studio uses a curved video wall background assembled of twelve 60-inch DLP® rear-projection cubes from eyevis.

On the nine meter wide eyevis video wall news graphics, live-feeds and background graphics are displayed during studio recordings. Requirements in this case were high colour fidelity of the cubes, high brightness and high vie-wing angle stability. The eyevis cubes fulfil these requirements through different features. The utilised Cluster LEDs for instance guarantee high brightness of up to 480 candela per square meter. With a durability of more than 60,000 hours they offer stable brightness over long periods of time. Since the LEDs enable exact colour configuration and the adjustment of the colour temperature through electronic control of the single primary colours red, green and blue, the cubes need readjustment only on rare occasions. This allows for long maintenance intervals, lower operating costs and higher operating security.

The cubes achieve their high viewing angle stability through special rear-projection screens, which guarantee consistent brightness and colour representation even for varying viewing angles. In this way the directors are able to change camera positions and record the anchorman with the wall in the background from different angles. Since every perspective usually covers several cubes of the video wall, narrow bezels also play a role. In this regard the eyevis cubes convince through their “seamless”-screen-mounting with Discrete Screen Clamp Technology, which make smallest screen distances of only 0.3 mm possible. In this way viewers on their devices at home are given the impression of a consistent video wall.

Installed Products

12× 60-inch LED-lit DLP® Cubes Type EC-60-LHD-BB-1000


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