Douglas Village Shopping Mall Security Control Room

Douglas Village, Cork City, Ireland – Total control in the shopping mall

The Douglas Village shopping mall in Cork County Ireland has been modernised and rebuilt within 18 months, the investment was around 100 million Euros. The Douglas Village contains 113 retail shops and offers 390000 sq ft. of retail space. The different parking spaces offer room for 2000 cars. For entertainment besides shopping there is a cinema with 5 halls as well as 10 pubs.

The rebuild included, among others, the realisation of 1000 new parking possibilities; they are operated and controlled with a new system. The complete rebuild of the shopping mall Douglas Village in Cork County allowed an instauration of the operative business and customer service on a higher level.

Several HD-Cameras were installed for the analytic of counting persons; this is a part of the surveillance system that includes about 200 network cameras. All cameras lead to a large screen wall in the control centre for a maximum overview and control.

The eyevis control room contains two 70 inch rear projection cubes that are integrated in the furniture. The video surveillance serves the observation of the emergency exits and freight zones in order to ensure that they are cleared.

Moreover the pedestrians and the traffic out of the building are observed in order to be able to help people that are handicapped. Full time operations are working in the control centre meaning the mall is guarded all the time. With the cameras the operators are able to start a virtual patrol all 30 minutes. {right image}. This is saving costs because there is less need for security personnel on the site. The two installed 70 inch cubes are of type EC-70-SXT+ with a resolution of 1400×1050 pixels.

The EC-70-SXT+ uses two new technologies for even better image representation than before. BrilliantColor™ allows an improved colour representation; TrueVision™ optimises the display of video signals. In addition to that the device uses the latest generation data processors by TEXAS INSTRUMENTS which provide better characteristics for image processing, system control and data formatting.

The following eyevis products were installed at the Douglas Village shopping mall control centre:

2x EC-70-SXT+ 70-inch DLP rear projection cubes, with double lamp for resilience.
1x NPX3800 video wall controller with IP CCTV video stream decoding and graphic PC inputs.


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