Traffic Control Centre – Hessen

Traffic Control Unit Hessen

New control room in the Hessian street- and traffic control unit in Frankfurt.

With Europe’s latest traffic control unit in Frankfurt, in the course of the program “Hessen traffic jam free in 2015”, a further milestone has been set.

In January 2009, the Hessian traffic minister Dr. Alois Rhiel proudly presented the new video wall in the control room of the traffic control unit Hesse in Frankfurt’s district Rödelheim. With the large screen system by eyevis from Reutlingen, the security shall be significantly increased and the traffic flow shall be further improved.

The large screen system consists of 10×2 50” rear projection cubes with a surface of 10×1,5 m. On the wall which is bent by 90°, the operators of one of Europe’s latest traffic control units can see in real-time what 100 cameras, on Hesse’s motorways, transfer. In the control room of the traffic control unit Hesse, all changing direction signs, information panels and the traffic control signs that are installed on 197 kilometres, are controlled twenty-four-seven in shift operation. With this modern control room the capacities can be used in an optimal way to guarantee the highest possible security in traffic.

Hesse is a European traffic hub and to guarantee the mobility and security, there has been an investment in the newest technology. Since the opening of the control room in 2001, the number of facilities and the traffic volume have been rising continually so the investment in the control centre was necessary in order to be prepared for the future. Hesse is setting an international milestone with this modern control room. The highly motivated and qualified personnel, specialists in traffic security and traffic management, need to be equipped with the best technology.

A special focus is set on the supervision of a 62 kilometres route section with temporary emergency lane opening.

Thanks to the video cameras before an opening of the emergency lane, it is ensured that the road is free of obstacles to prevent collisions and traffic jams. With special road inducement facilities and temporary emergency lane openings it is possible to increase the capacity of highly frequented motorways in peak-periods, so that traffic jams can be prevented or drastically reduced. Furthermore an improvement of traffic safety and a reduction of environmental pollution is reached. Since the implementation of these modern systems, the duration of traffic jams on hessian motorways could be reduced by 70 per cent. In a nationwide comparison the hessian motorways have an above-average amount of traffic, especially in the Rhine-Main-Area. On the A 5, on some sections there are 150.000 vehicles per day, at the interchange Frankfurt this number can rise to 330.000 vehicles. For this reasons the hessian government counts on its initiative “Hessen traffic jam free in 2015”, thereby there traffic jams on hessian motorways are sought to be almost eliminated. Thanks to a bunch of intelligent and forward-looking activities and technologies.

The large screen system at the hessian traffic control unit contains the following components by eyevis:

20 x EC-50-SXT+ -DL (Digital DLP™ rearprojection-cube with 50“ screen, SXGA+ resolution [1400 x 1050 Pixel] and automatic double lamp system)


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