Vattenfall Mining Control Room Video Wall

Vattenfall – Open-cast mining Nochten/Reichwalde

Brown coal is quarried free of subsidies in open -cast mining. The coal is safely, efficiently and environmentally friendly converted into Energy in one of the close-by thermic power plants.

There is an extra emphasis on the environment in Nochten, For the mining operators, it is a particular challenge to compensate the necessary interventions into the environment as quickly as possible and to prevent their effects on people to a minimum by taking advantage of the state of technology.

Mining utilises land and at the same time creates new land. The production of brown coal is always followed by a re-cultivation of the mining sites. It is forested with indigenous tree species like pine, oak, maple, alder and beech. Furthermore, agricultural land, wetlands and species-rich habitats arise.

The boulder Nochten Park, near the power plant Boxberg, is an example for landscape design re-cultivated on mining surfaces. Here, on a 10 hectare area more than 3000 boulders are presented.

Up to 100,000 tons of brown coal a day, are quarried in Nochten, enough energy for the daily needs of a big city. The mining sums up to 18 million tons a year.

There are three bucket-wheel excavators and one ladder excavator in use, these are connected by an overburden conveyor bridge with the length of 600 metres. The control room for the administration of the site uses eyevis visualisation in the form of two times 2×2 EYE-LCD-4700 full HD LC displays and one 2×2 EC-50-SXT-DL cube wall with each screen offering SXGA resolution and automatic double-lamp systems. All screens are accessed by a graphics con-troller, of the netpix series by eyevis, creating a continuous desktop surface on which any sources can be placed and scaled freely. The netpix has an input of 24 ip-streams and the eyevis decoder board (NPX-IPDB) is for the first time equipped with a new codec by Indigovision, a leading manufacturer of complete end-to-end IP video security solutions. The implementation of the Indigovision Codec to the NPX-IPDB made further devices for decoding of the IP video streams unnecessary. Thanks to the hardware deco-ding solutions the streams can be displayed in real-time and native quality. The NPX-IPDB is fully integrated in the eyevis Netpix controller family and eyecon wall management software environment.

The following equipment is installed in Nochten/ Reichwalde:

8 x EYE-LCD4700 (full HD LC display with 47“ screen)

4 x EC-50-SXT-DL (50“ DLP® rear-projection cube with SXGA resolution 1280×1024 px)

1 x Netpix graphics controller (NPX-3812XE-D12-IP24-


1 x eyecon Wall Management Software

1 x Eyevis control server (ECS-900R-G2)


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