At eyevis UK we take great pride in being at the forefront of innovative visual display solutions. We continually strive to bring our clients the very latest technology available, and as such we are pleased to introduce you to our latest QHD visual display solutions.

Our QHD visual display screens are one of the most advanced professional 4K/Ultra-HD monitor solutions to date. These screens offer a crisp and sharp resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels as well as delivering smooth, vivid images and high quality contents.

As these screens are manufactured using the latest edge-LED backlight technology, they are slim in appearance and along with the ability for a landscape or portrait installation, they are the ideal application for when it comes to limited spaces. Due to the range of high quality features on offer with this product, they prove to be ideal for professional usage in control rooms, TV Studios and Corporate applications alike.

These visual display solutions come with a whole range of other benefits and features including:

  • High-end interactive digital signage applications
  • Visitor attraction and interactive information display
  • Brand and product communication
  • High-end broadcast applications
  • Education and research
  • Designers / Design Engineers / Architects

These QHD devices offer all of the high-quality features that you would come to expect from our range of visual display solutions, including a protective metal housing promising reliable long-term operation.

Our QHD visual display solutions are available in the following models;

EYE-LCD-5800-QHD – 58-inch display with and without touch option

EYE-LCD-8400-QHD-LE – 84-inch display with and without touch option

EYE-LCD-8500-QHD-LD – 85-inch display with and without touch option

EYE-LCD-9800-QHD-LE – 98-inch display with and without touch option

Keep up to date with all of our innovative visual display solutions, including our new QHD displays, and visit us at today.