(6th December, 2016)

You can see from our website that we care about the quality of product we provide at eyevis UK. What is also important is the quality of service and support you receive from us.

We provide direct support to our integration partners and their end clients via our UK-based service team. Our team provides all necessary service and support to ensure your video wall technology has a long and and effective lifespan. There’s also the extra security of knowing that we’re backed up by the large engineering resource of eyevis GmbH HQ!

We would always recommend taking out an annual maintenance contract with us to maintain the best possible service and support for your system. This contract can add several benefits for the end user of our products.

Preventative Maintenance can help to increase system uptime, minimise costs and ensure that the system is operating safely. It also provides an increased life expectancy of equipment, and is a typical requirement for Mission Critical applications.

Unlimited Telephone Support ensures that our engineers are always on hand as your first line of support, so we can guarantee a fast resolution or diagnosis.

Unlimited IT Support means that our engineers can use encrypted and fully secure connections to log in directly to your eyevis video wall system and diagnose any reported issues.

An added benefit of our maintenance contract means that if the issue cannot be resolved by telephone or IT support, then Emergency Callouts can be made, and our engineers can be on site at a suitable time for further investigation of the issue.

If our extra support sounds beneficial to you, or you would like more information, then please feel free to contact us on enquiry@eyevis.co.uk or telephone the office on 01282 606525 to discuss your maintenance contract options.