eyevis UK are host to a wide range of state of the art visual display solutions including Video Walls, Video Wall Controllers, and other cutting edge visual applications. A brief description on some of our selected products can be found below.

Video Walls and Video Wall Controllers

Used in a number of control centres up and down the country, our Video Walls and Video Wall Controllers allow control rooms and centres to operate effectively and efficiently 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

We are perhaps most well-known for the installation of this kind of visual display solution and have enjoyed great success over the years assisting some extremely high-profile clients. One example of such is the work we carried out for Calderdale Council’s CCTV Control Room.

This particular installation included eight 47-inch EYE-LCD-4700-USN-LD-FX displays, all powered by our trusted Netpix 4900 video wall controller. These systems were a perfect choice for Calderdale Council as their control centre monitors over 60 cameras across the entire borough in West Yorkshire.

New to eyevis UK: The Transparent OLED

Our latest product is, of course, the Transparent OLED, or T-OLED for short. Although still a relatively new visual display solution, these systems are already proving popular amongst many UK and European integrators.

T-OLEDs are made up from different transparent layers, and once in an operational mode, the display becomes visible to the user. This innovative display is an excellent choice for installations in the centre of interior designs, between objects and an audience, and in front of exhibits or products.

Those lucky enough to be attending the Paris Motor Show will be able to see one of these displays in operation. In the meantime, a video demonstrating the Transparent OLED can be found over on our product page.

In our last article ‘Clear Innovation – The eyevis T-OLED’ we discussed the capabilities of the Transparent OLED in much more detail, and the article along with others featuring all of the products discussed today can be found over on our News Page.

If you would like to learn more about the full range of visual display solutions, including our Video Walls, Video Wall Controllers and brand new T-OLED, please do not hesitate to contact us on (+44) 01282 792970, or alternatively by email at enquiry@eyevis.co.uk.