The eyevis video wall controller (or graphics/display wall controller) from the Netpix series is specially designed for the sophisticated control of systems in control rooms and other applications. The video wall controllers from the Netpix series are customised devices, configured using standard input and output modules, according to the requirements of the project. The client may choose from a range of input cards providing connectivity for almost any signal type. The number of input cards and output cards can be increased by placing them in expansion chassis to the controller. With the Netpix IP Decoder Unit it is possible to connect IP video streams directly to the controller system without the need for separate decoder devices.

The Netpix video wall controller uses only high quality server components in order to guarantee their cutting-edge performance and reliability for 24/7 operation, with redundancy options for power supplies and RAID 1/5 SSD.

eyevis Netpix client benefits:

  • The latest eyevis video wall controller is capable of accepting direct 4K source inputs which provides the benefit of future-proofing the system for the end client
  • The widest range of source inputs, including HDCP compliance, is available, providing source selection benefits to the client
  • Multiple virtual display areas can be created and controlled as independent video walls from the single controller and control software which benefits the client if they wish to control displays in multiple areas
  • eyevis video wall controllers are already ONVIF compliant which benefits the client as all new IP camera/encoders offer the ONVIF stream – ease of integration of multiple IP manufacturers

The eyevis video wall control software offers the most comprehensive range of control and alarm management options which provides significant benefits to the client for automating the control of the wall from external events.

Here at eyevis UK, we offer a number of video wall controllers and Netpix video wall solutions:

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Control Rooms

Netpix 4900 series video wall controller

Download 4900 Data Sheet

Netpix 4800 series video wall controller

Download G3.0 Data Sheet Download LC G3.0 Data Sheet

Netpix 4500 series Graphic Controller

Download 4500 Data Sheet

Netpix IPD IP Video Decoders for Netpix Controller

Download IPD32 Data Sheet Download IPD32 HQ Data Sheet

Eyecon V5 Wall Management Software

Download V5.1 Data Sheet

Eyecon ECS Database Server

Download ECS 810 Data Sheet

Control Room Streaming Solutions

Eyegate-130-HDMI Universal DVI/Encoder for Standard IP Networks

Download 130-HDMI Data Sheet

ES100 E-Streamer Encoder

Download ES100 Data Sheet